We want you to know more about the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America, so please call at (800) 603-0644 (see extensions below) or email us.   The mailing address of the national office is 9314 Doris Drive, Oriental, NC 28571. Looking forward to hearing from you.


tony s For general inquiries, call Bishop Anthony Santore, Presiding Bishop, San Damiano Diocesan Bishop, at (800) 603-0644, ext. 721 or info@cacina.org
frank b For information about service as an ordained minister in CACINA, call Bishop Frank Betancourt, Little Portion Diocesan Bishop, at (845) 586-2201, or (800) 603-0644 ext. 706 or email innocents@catskill.net
ron s       For information about Holy Trinity Diocese or Saint Charles Seminary call Bishop Ron Stephens, Presiding Bishop Emeritus, Diocesan Bishop of Holy Trinity Diocese and Head of Saint Charles Seminary, at (800) 603-0644 ext. 717.
WillardSchultz For information about CACINA history or archival documents, contact Bishop Willard Schultz, Presiding Bishop Emeritus, Archivist, Historian at (800) 603-0644 ext. 702
carl p For information about ecumenical relations between CACINA and other religious organizations, call Father Victor Ray at 352-223-4786 or email Victorray49@gmail.com
Portrait of Bishop Michael Theogene Bishop Michael Theogene, Chancellor
(800) 603-0644 ext. 714
Victor De Santis       Reverend Victor DeSantis, Liturgist
(800) 603-0644 ext. 709
Portrait of Anthony Green Portrait       Bishop Anthony Green, Director of Communication
(800) 603-0644 ext. 710