We want you to know more about the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America, so please call at (800) 603-0644 (see extensions below) or email us.   The mailing address of the national office is 9313 Doris Drive, Oriental, NC 28571. Looking forward to hearing from you.


tony s For general inquiries, call Bishop Anthony Santore, Presiding Bishop, San Damiano Diocesan Bishop, at (800) 603-0644, ext. 721.
frank b For information about service as an ordained minister in CACINA, call Bishop Frank Betancourt, Little Portion Diocesan Bishop, at (845) 586-2201, or (800) 603-0644 ext. 706 or email innocents@catskill.net
ron s       For information about Holy Trinity Diocese call Bishop Ron Stephens, Diocesan Bishop, at (800) 603-0644 ext. 717.
WillardSchultz For information about CACINA history or archival documents, contact Bishop Willard Schultz, Presiding Bishop Emeritus, Archivist, Historian at (800) 603-0644 ext. 702
carl p For information about ecumenical relations between CACINA and other religious organizations, call Father Victor Ray at 352-223-4786 or email Victorray49@gmail.com
joe r Reverend Joseph Reynolds, Chancellor
(800) 603-0644 ext. 716
Victor De Santis       Reverend Victor DeSantis, Liturgist
(800) 603-0644 ext. 709