of the Catholic Apostolic Church In North America

Membership in the community is open to all baptized persons who have been chosen by God to follow in the footsteps of Francis, Clare and Charles. Though we may identify with different faith communities, we are free to worship and live together in peace when possible. Members who have not already been formed in the Franciscan way of life are required to participate in a formation program which begins when becoming a novice. This phase of formation will last at least one year or more, if deemed necessary by the formation team. All members are expected to continue studying the Gospels, Social Issues, the life of St. Charles and the Franciscan way of life. Each Friar and Sister must be involved in an active ministry outside their normal responsibilities to their faith communities. Ministries should be in keeping within the communities mission and selected in consultation with the Minister General and their respective superiors. (Click here to see the FCR Rules and Constitution.)


The formation s program provides novices with a list of study materials necessary to understand the spirit and way of life of the Franciscan Community of Reconciliation. As it becomes necessary it will be amended.

Novices should communicate with the Minister General when necessary and reasonable. Novices are under the direction of the Director of Novices. Novices are to select and communicate with a spiritual director of their choice. With a professed member of the community novices will study the rule and constitution of the community.


The religious habit worn by the members of the community is an outward sign of our commitment to the Gospels and our way of life. The habit should be gender appropriate and in keeping with the spirit of the design. The habit will consist of the following:

A tunic, scapular with attached head gear/hood, gray in color. The Franciscan habit is gray in color to represent the cassock worn by St. Charles and the original color of habit worn by Francis and Clare.

The traditional Franciscan white cord will be worn with three knots to represent the vows of Simplicity, Charity and Obedience. Professed Friars and Sisters will wear a silver cross of San Damiano suspended on a red cord around their necks. The cross representing St. Francis and St. Clare and the red cord for the Episcopacy of St. Charles.

Sisters and Friars are permitted to wear a rosary on their habit if they so choose. The rosary may be worn from the first day of clothing/novitiate. In order to have uniformity in our habits those wearing rosaries should wear the same style suspended from their cord on their left side.