The People of God of the Diocese of the Little Port have consented to the election of Father Tony Green as auxiliary bishop.   He will be concentrated bishop on September 21, 2019.   

Bishop-Elect Tony felt God calling him to a church that placed a higher value on sacramental life and moved to the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America three years ago. He founded the St. John of God Parish where he co-pastors with Fr. Victor Desantis.  Mass is offered every Sunday for the residents of the Ellis Nursing home and people from the surrounding community.

Bishop-Elect Tony background and experience prior to joining CACINA is extensive and diverse.  He was a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC), where he was ordained a Minister in 2000, following completion of the UCC seminary.  Bishop-Elect Tony was pastor of several churches with the UCC over his 15 years of service with them.  During his time with the UCC, he travelled to South Africa for to serve with a hospice in Tapalogo run by a Roman Catholic bishop.  Bishop-Elect Tony also traveled to the Holy Land twice.  The second trip was a mission trip to work for justice on behalf of the Palestinian people.

He began working as a chaplain with hospice in 2002 and continues this mission after he was ordained a priest with CACINA.   He is currently the Director of Pastoral Care and Volunteers at a major health system in Schenectady, New York, where he oversees a department with 15 staff members and 220 volunteers.

Bishop-Elect Tony grew up at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in the small town of Guntersville, Alabama.  He served in the U.S. Army for six years after graduating from high school and was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, being deployed for a Return of Forces to Germany (REFORGER) assignment.  He was recognized as an Honor Soldier, Expert Rifleman, and earned two Army Achievement Medals. Following his military service, Bishop-Elect Tony worked for the State of Colorado as a Child Support Enforcement Officer for several years.

He has been a foster parent for children living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS.  He fostered five children and adopted a child who came into his home when he was 6 weeks old;  His son, Michael, is now 31 years old and has 4 children of his own.

CACINA is fortunate that God has brought Bishop-elect Tony to us.  Before his election to bishop, he has served the Church tirelessly, writing the CACINA News and Notes, and using his unique background to serve the people of his parish and of the national church.