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PrayingAndSharing The People of the God of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) have consented to the College of Bishop's nomination of Bishop-elect Monica Kennedy, the pastor of Saint Charles of Brazil parish in Linthicum, Maryland.  Once consecrated as bishop, she will be the auxiliary bishop for Holy Trinity Diocese, assisting Bishop Ron Stephens within the Diocese.

Bishop-elect Monica has been a member of the St. Charles of Brazil Parish since 2011. She was ordained to the priesthood in 2016. She was the assistant pastor to St. Charles, under the former pastor, Fr. Peter Smith, and became pastor of St. Charles of Brazil parish in December 2018.  Congratulations to Bishop-elect Monica as she begin to serve CACINA in her new capacity.  


PrayingAndSharingThe College of Bishops of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America has published a pastoral letter reaffirming its commitment to welcoming same-sex couples to participate in all the sacraments of the church, including the sacrament of holy matrimony. You can view the contents of the letter below:





PrayingAndSharingBishop Tony Green shares with viewers about the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America, his military service as a gay man, his chaplaincy, and more on Rich Moran's No-Name-Yet podcast.  See the video below.

PrayingAndSharingThe College of Bishops has distributed a pastoral letter condemning mob violence.    See a copy of the letter by clicking this link (Pastoral Letter Condemning Mob Violence).  You can also view the contents of the letter below:

pastoral message condeming mob violence letter