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Click below to read Bishop Ron's Letter about the 2017 Catholic Apostolic Church in North America's national church charity. 





StCharlesPride1bstCharlesPride2 bMembers of the St. Charles of Brazil parish joined in this year's Baltimore's Annual Pride Parade.  This was the second year St. Charles of Brazil participated, increasing their presence from 3 marchers last year to 10 this year, wearing their CACINA blue T-shirts.  They walked as a member church of the "Faith Communities of Baltimore with Pride" or FCCBP, an organization of 42 churches of all denominations in the Baltimore metro area.  St. Charles of Brazil officially joined the organization in 2016. There were 300 walkers in all from this outstanding ecumenical organization!




Fr Morgan ThumbnailFather Morgan was ordained a priest in the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) on May 19, 2017.  The ordination was officiated by Bishop Ron Stephens, assisted by the bishops of CACINA.   Family, friends, and members of CACINA's clergy and laity were in attendance to witness the administration of the sacrament of Holy Orders when an indelible mark, a sacramental character, was placed on Fr. Morgan's soul.  Fr. Morgan is the pastor of Our Lady of Atonement Mission in Fort Charlotte, Florida.







Bishops LetterTo read the Bishop of CACINA Letter on Government Policies click here Bishops Letter on Government Policies .