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green ordination thumb web finalDeacon Anthony Wayne Green was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, March 5, 2016. The ordination was hosted by the First Lutheran Church in Albany, New York. The green first mass 3 webordaining bishop was Bishop Francisco J. Betancourt, FCR, the Diocesan Bishop of the Little Portion Diocese. Bishop Frank was assisted by Father Dante A. Tarantini, Father Michael Theogene, Deacon Lorraine Mitchell and Acolyte Julia Hayden. There were visiting clergy representing the Congregational, Lutheran, Episcopal, Unitarian, United Church of Christ, National Catholic Church of America denominations and various other Independent Catholic Churches. Mrs. Honey Theogene represented the House of Delegates and presented Tony for ordination on behalf of CACINA. Over 150 friends and relatives attended this Spirit filled event. A reception followed the ordination and featured delicious dishes representing both the Italian and Greek cultures. Tony’s husband Perry Junjulas and family members prepared all the delicacies. On Sunday, March 6, 2016, Father Tony offered his First Mass at The St. John of God Mission, which is located at Ellis Medicine, in Schenectady, New York. Residence, staff, family and friends were in attendance. The overflow congregation of 60 raised their voices in thanksgiving, for their new priest. We will all continue to pray for Father Anthony as he serves the people of CACINA.




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The social doctrine of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America as proposed by its founder, Duarte Costa, espouses social and economic justice brought about through peaceful protest and efforts at reconciliation.

We, as a faith community, support all efforts for justice and righteousness for all people through checks, balances and transparency. We pray that there be discussion and open-mindedness to heal all communities who suffer oppression and violence.


DeaconHarryDeacon Harry of St. Theresa Mission in Minneaplis, MN, has been active in serving the community in his hometown.  He noticed that the Pride Festival did not seem inviting to older adults. In response to this need, Deacon Harry brought together members of several local organizations and established Boomer Town, a dedicated space at Pride where LGBTQ boomers can relax, enjoy one another’s company and find resources especially for them. Boomer Town is also a way of recognizing LGBTQ seniors, many of whom are disproportionately affected by issues of stigma, isolation and unequal treatment. He was recognized by the American Association of Retired Persons for his work.